Pharmaceutical Services: From Compounding to Medication Reviews

Based in Calgary, Rideau Pharmacy is a full dispensary pharmacy with a large store front. We cater to individuals and families throughout the area, accepting all insurance policies.

Medication Reviews

During our medication reviews, one of our pharmacists sits down with you to go over your prescription. We educate you and discuss the possible drug-related problems that may arise with your medication. The medication review is funded by Alberta Health and is free to patents with Alberta Health Care Insurance. This is a new funding source being provided to all pharmacies.

Qualified to Supply Injections

Rideau Pharmacy has qualified pharmacists on staff who can provide a variety of injections. On average the injections we offer include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Travel shots
  • Flu shots
  • Vaccinations

Compounding Medicines

Compounding services are available for a variety of medications and products. We can manufacture mixtures like hormone creams, veterinary items, and other products not commercially available. Compounding is good for making medicines no longer available on the market or creating medications that are allergy-free by removing lactose, dyes, sugar, or glutens. Our compounding pharmacists can even make medications easier to use and more palatable without compromising its effectiveness.

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